Cocoa for Cade

 My name is Tristan Regini. I am 10 years old, and I have been raising money for my friend, Cade Humphreys, a brain cancer survivor who may be the bravest kid I have ever met!  He was treated by doctors from the Children’s Hospital, Colorado.  When he was diagnosed, I was very shocked and started help right away!  We had a fundraiser at school called bracelets for Cade and another called cans for Cade, but only raised a couple hundred dollars.  With my stand, in the first year, the team made $10,000! (Total to date is $13,558.10).  We have not done as much stands this year.  So if you have any loose change, you can help keep other kids like Cade healthy by coming to one of my stands, or donating online!  Think about it, if you donate that quarter, that 25 cents may help find a cure for cancer!  All money, I repeat ALL MONEY goes to the brain cancer sector at the Children’s Hospital.  So if you think I want the money for myself, you are wrong.  I want to be a kid that makes the world a better place, not be a kid who wants money so he/she can buy a fancy toy.
Your friend, Tristan Regini

Click on the button below to be redirected to my Children's Hostpital Page if you'd like to submit a donation:

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Tristan & Cade
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